My 6 Top Travel Deal Sites

As I begin the process of planning my next trip, there are a few considerations I take into account. First, I consult my bucket list for potential trips. After I have a few destinations in mind, I consider the location in terms of weather and (crowd) seasonality. Price is always an important factor. Like many of us, I always try to find the best deal. More money means more future trips 😊 I research several different websites to get a sense of costs for flights and accommodations. My top travel deal sites are Scott’s Cheap Flights, Google Flights, Travelzoo, Cheap Caribbean, Trivago and Priceline.

Top Travel Deal Sites: Flights

Scott’s Cheap Flights

The name really says it all here. By signing up for Scott’s Cheap Flights you will receive impressive international flight deals straight to your email inbox. Over half a million people subscribe to his service. There are free and premium versions. Free subscribers typically only see about 1/3 of what the premium subscribers see, but the free version is a great place to start. All you have to do is input your email, select the cities you want to see departure deals from and Scott’s team does all the hard work for you.

top travel deal sites - Scott's Cheap Flights

Google Flights

Google flights is another great resource for finding flight deals. You can search flights to a specific destination or you can do a broader search by dates, places and/or interest for inspiration. The filters are pretty good and you can compare deals from multiple airlines at one glance. One of my favorite things about Google flights is that once you put in your destination, you can toggle the dates on the map to see the dates for the best value to depart and arrive without having to conduct multiple searches.


Top Travel Deal Sites: Vacation Packages


Travelzoo is a site to find great deals on vacation packages. They have over 28M subscribers for their exclusive deals. It is free to sign-up via your email or Facebook account. You can search for anything ranging from cruises, activities, spas to all-inclusive vacations. Some of the top places they have trips include Europe, the Caribbean, Mexico and major cities in the US. They also have great social media feeds that I recommend following, as well.

Top Travel Deal Sites - Travelzoo

Cheap Caribbean

I discovered Cheap Caribbean last year through Travelzoo. Many of the tropical deals found on Travelzoo come from Cheap Caribbean. I booked my trip to CancĂșn, Mexico through Cheap Caribbean. It was a great experience and I plan on using them in the future for booking my trips. It was hassle free since they packaged my flight, hotel, and transportation with just a few clicks.


Top Travel Deal Sites: Hotels


I relied on Trivago when I was booking accommodations for my trip to Italy. One of the best features of the site is that it pulls in the prices from other hotel booking websites, including the hotel’s website. It is an easy way to compare prices instead of having to go to multiple websites to make sure you are getting the best deal. The filters are also a bonus because you can search for places within proximity to major landmarks.

Top Travel Deal Sites - Trivago



The final top deal site that I use is Priceline. You can find deals for hotels, cars, flights, packages and cruises. A unique feature of Priceline is their ‘Name Your Own Price’ tool. You choose the price you want to spend, area and star level and they will find you a hotel within those parameters. If you find a lower priced option on another site they will refund you the difference. If you are willing to be a little adventurous you could save a good deal of money with this tool.

op Travel Deal Sites - Priceline


I hope these resources come in handy as you are planning your next vacation. What are some of your favorite travel deal sites?

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