Places to see in Prague

Prague is an underrated city in Europe and I highly recommend visiting it. I had heard a lot of great things from friends who studied abroad there and I was excited to check it out. Until this trip, I had explored a good part of western Europe, but hardly any of eastern Europe. The Czech Republic was the first stop on a mother-daughter trip I took with my mom and sister in early fall. Some of my favorite places to see in Prague included Old Town, Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral and the Charles Bridge.

Old Town and the Astronomical Clock

Places to See in Prague Old Town

First on the list of places to see in Prague is Old Town. As the name states, Old Town is the oldest part of the city. Old Town has been Prague’s main marketplace for over 1000 years. The Old Town Square is lined with restaurants and cafes. You will find both tourists and locals hanging out here. At the center of the square is the iconic Astronomical Clock that was built during medieval times. Every hour on the hour the Astronomical Clock puts on a 45-second show. You will see tourists gathered around as this is one of the most famous clocks in Europe. The clock has three main components: the astronomical dial which shows the position of the sun and moon in the sky, statues of various Catholic saints and other figurines. After spending time in Old Town, you can continue walking towards the Charles Bridge.

Charles Bridge

One of the most recognizable spots in Prague is the Charles Bridge. It is the oldest bridge in the city that connects the two parts of the city separated by the Vltava River. The bridge is lined with sculptures and is capped by stone towers on each end. You will find people on the bridge at all hours of the day. Performers and local street vendors sell crafts on the bridge. The bridge provides amazing views of both sides of the city. From the bridge, you can also get a really great view of the Prague Castle on top of the hill.

Places to see in Prague - Charles Bridge

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site built in the ninth century. It sits perched on a hill looking down over the city. I recommend taking the bus up to the top of the hill as it is quite a hike to reach the castle. The castle area has several courtyards and churches. The outer courtyard is guarded by two soldiers who switch out every hour. The castle itself is impressive with baroque and gothic structures. After touring the castle, you can walk down the hill and through the remaining courtyards. Plan on spending at least 2-3 hours around the castle and the grounds.

Places to see in Prague - Charles Bridge 2

St. Vitus Cathedral

Within the area of the Prague Castle, you will find St. Vitus Cathedral. This cathedral is the largest church in Prague (as you can see from the picture below). The building of the church started by Emperor Charles IV and was finished over the course of 600 years. Inside you will find beautiful stain glass depictions of biblical stories by Czech artists. The first part of the Cathedral is free to enter. You will need to buy a ticket to access certain parts of it.

Places to see in Prague - St. Vitus Cathedral

Bonus: While in Prague, I recommend taking day trips within the Czech Republic to Kunta Hora and Czesky Krumlov.

What are some of your top places to see in Prague? I hope some of my recommendations help you plan your next visit to this beautiful city.


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