My 3 Must Have Gym Accessories

When you spend a decent amount of time at the gym, you figure out your go-to products that you can’t leave home without. My 3 must have gym accessories are my CobaltX Zero Gravity wireless headphones, my FitBit Alta and my CamelBak water bottle.

#1 Gym Accessory: Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

CobaltX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones
CobaltX Bluetooth Wireless Headphones. Photo by: Kate S.

My first must-have gym accessory is a good pair of headphones. Having a reliable pair of headphones is key to my workouts. For a while, I would fight with the cords as I was running or trying to lift weights. I decided enough was enough and it was time to invest in a quality pair of wireless headphones. After reading reviews, I bought the Zero Gravity CobaltX earbuds. I have put them through the test of several different workouts and I can say they are great. They stay in my ears and the sound quality is really good. I can also adjust the volume or answer a call without having to touch my phone. I got a white pair, but they come in several fun colors.

#2 Gym Accessory: Fitness Tracker

The second gym accessory on my list is my Fitbit. To be honest, for the longest time, I thought having fitness tracker was unnecessary. I finally caved and got the Fitbit Flex. I liked it, but it wasn’t ideal having to sync my phone each time to see my actual progress. About a year later, I got the Fitbit Alta as a gift. It was a welcomed upgrade. I liked that I could now see the progress to my goals right on my wrist. I also was happy that it could now replace the need to also wear a watch. My fitness tracker helps keep me accountable for my steps, active minutes and sleep. It rarely leaves my wrist.

#3 Gym Accessory: Water Bottle

Camelbak Water Bottle

Having a good water bottle is an underrated workout accessory. I have been through many water bottles over the years. Many did not live up to the test of keeping my beverages cold or the dishwasher cleanings. One of the few water bottles I can always count on is my CamelBak. It is lightweight while still being insulated and after several years of use, it doesn’t leak or sweat. My CamelBak helps me stay on track to make sure I am getting enough water pre, during and post workout.


What are your 3 must have gym accessories?



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  1. I just have to say that I love my kleen kanteens, I have 4 of them, one is for me, one for my husband, one for the pup, and a small one (12oz) that I use to ferry raw goat’s milk to and from work for coffee. I also have a 5th stainless 27oz one at work that we got as part of a wellness program. The biggest challenge is when filling them up from the filtered water dispensers as you can’t see how full it is while under the spigot.

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