Favorite Brand of Running Shoes: ASICS

I spend a decent amount of time in athletic clothes. As I am sure many of you can relate to, when I find something I like, I tend to stick to it. After many years of trying and switching from different brands of running shoes, I finally found a brand that I love. My favorite brand of running shoes are ASICS.

Finding the Right Shoe

Throughout the years, I have tried just about every brand of running shoe (within the ~$100 range). Many didn’t give me the support I needed based on my workouts, a mix of weight training and cardio, and a past right knee injury. My cardio usually consists of short distance running, 3 miles or less, on the treadmill or outside if the weather is nice.

Favorite Brand of Running Shoes - ASICS 2


Getting My Stride Analyzed

I decided to get my ‘gait cycle’, the way I walk/run, analyzed in an attempt to find a better fitting shoe. I went to Omega sports and they recorded my stride as I was walking on a treadmill. They told me that I tend to overpronate when I walk and that a ‘stability’ shoe would help. They also recommended getting running shoes a half a size larger than my everyday shoes to allow for enough room. The analysis only took a few minutes and it was free. Many stores that specialize in running shoes will be able to do this analysis for you.


Trying Out ASICS

There were several brand options that were classified under ‘stability’. Some brands that I had tried and some that I hadn’t tried. I tried on the ASICS, walked around the store for a bit and decided to give them a shot. Three pairs of running shoes later, they have all been ASICS. They give me the support I need without weighing me down while running. Needless to say, I have been really happy with each pair for the quality, price, and durability.

Favorite Brand of Running Shoes - ASICS

I suggest giving ASICS a try the next time you are shopping for shoes. What are some of your favorite running shoe brands?

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