Tips to Help Prevent Snacking

Almost a month into the new year and many of us are trying to stick to healthy routines. One of the toughest things for me personally is to cut out the unnecessary snacking. When that hungry feeling hits mid-morning, mid-day or at night, it is hard not to reach for something crunchy or sweet. Even though... Continue Reading →

10 Gift Ideas for Travelers

As the holidays are quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about gift ideas for your friends and family. If you have someone on your list that is always planning their next adventure, here are 10 gift ideas for travelers. #1 Personalized Travel Map The personalized travel map is a gift idea that is on... Continue Reading →

Protein-Packed Parfait Recipe

After a workout, I try to incorporate as much protein as I can into my snack to help my muscles recover. One of my favorite go-to snacks is a protein-packed parfait. My recipe calls for vanilla Chobani yogurt, Back to Nature Cranberry Pecan Granola (gluten free) and strawberries. Protein-Packed Parfait Ingredients Time to make: <5 minutes ... Continue Reading →

Quote of the Day: “Progress Over Perfection”

Progress Over Perfection "Progress over perfection" is one of my favorite inspirational quotes to live by. The message can be applied to any aspect of life. It focuses on the positive steps that you make each day as opposed to the idea of 'perfection'. Those steps can include progress in your relationships, progress in your career,... Continue Reading →

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